Participation Awards Should Be Banned

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“In order to achieve accomplishments, one must first accomplish determination.” Imagine working for months and perfecting a certain craft while another individual is awarded the same for less the effort. Children are receiving trophies for every accomplishment for unimpressive determine ship levels. Motivation is decreasing while awards for no reason are increasing. Trophies for participation must stop because they lower the standards of competitiveness and believe that it causes lack of reaching potential.

The children have been welcoming to participation awards although they stop growth and potential. By expecting to receive trophies just for participating the youth will start to indulge in noncompetitive behavior. They will amass a low work rates because receiving an award will become an expectation and not a privilege. The youth will start to become lazy and they will acquire bad attitudes when they are not congratulated. Stopping growth and cutting
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The young children have negative feelings towards the same treatment throughout. Children want to eliminate participation awards because its seems unfair to the winners that persevered. If they are treated unfairly they will grow up assuming that others will receive the same credit and ultimately fail. Trophies for no reason are why the standards of competitiveness are falling. It is definitely known that awards everyone involved in a competition decreases the fight for first place. Competitiveness is dearly needed especially as adults such as fighting for a certain highly qualified job. The determination is also lost when accolades are given and not truly deserved. None of our next leaders will be determined to try their best because they aren't accustomed to losing. A major key to success is knowing one's abilities; furthermore, a person can improve their weaknesses and increase their
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