Participation Trophies

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Benefits of Participation Trophies Participation Trophies and Their Benefits Derek Lewis Pierpont Community and Technical College Participation Trophies and Their Benefits Participation trophies are both loved and hated. However, they are beneficial to kids in many ways. Some people do not like them because they think that they are rewarding kids for nothing. In life, structure is needed, and especially in children. It is very important that these kids get introduced to structure as soon as possible, so they can get used to have a well-rounded life. Introducing trophies is an easy way to support structure in their lives. Instead of a symbol for victory, trophies can be seen as many other symbols as well for developing structure.…show more content…
Structure is a very important and vital skill for children to be taught. A great way to introduce some structure in their lives is by giving them participation trophies for them trying and participating in whatever sport it may be. At their age, this is beneficial. Any sort of trophy will expose and introduce them to the fact that if they participate, they will be rewarded for doing so. If these kids do not learn this type of basic structure at this young age, it will be very hard for them to grasp the concept of it later in life. Without structure, it may lead to them making bad choices later in their lives and doing things that they may not see as wrong. However, if they do learn some basic structure by receiving these participation trophies, they will learn the basis of very many vital skills needed to succeed later in life. Trophies are not just symbols of winning; they are symbols for several other things also, including that participating in life will do one good (Stevens,…show more content…
However, these two things need to be established to kids’ lives as early as possible. If these things are not established, kids may not feel as if they really mean anything to any part of a team or anybody. With that being said, trophies are a great way to raise anybody’s self-esteem and self-worth. These trophies will allow these kids to believe that they were important to something or someone since these trophies are essentially symbols of appreciation and milestones. An easy way to construct self-esteem is by participating in activities, such as team sports (Dickinson, 2005). If they do not learn self-worth and self-esteem at a young age, it may come back to haunt them later in life. If kids do not have a high self-esteem, it may lead to them being unbelievably unhappy at time and sometimes, even make them depressed. Without self-worth, these kids may allow people to walk all over them during their life. Self-esteem and self-worth are extremely crucial and need to be something that every kid is introduced to in their life. Even if these trophies do not raise a kid’s self-esteem and self-worth through the roof, it is still a good starting point for them
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