Participation Trophy Research Paper

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Introduction Before the 1960’s trophies filled many children and coaches with pride and had a very special meaning to them, they would celebrate and look back at the memorable season they had, maybe even brag a little . Nowadays trophies are always given out with some sort of remark that gets a child the just lost feeling like a winner - for a while. Unfortunately giving kids these “trophies” cause negative conclusion. They’ll start to lose passion, underachieve, and care less about teamwork and improvement. Even though it seems like a good idea to fill kids up with sayings like ‘Everyone 's a winner!’ because that is inaccurate it will affect them now and as they transition into adults. Body Participation trophies seem like a great motivator at first, but it will start to wear off. Kids are smart and later as the season goes on, children start to care less about trying because they know they will be rewarded anyways. Not only do they underachieve, but their passion, competition, and desire for victory is lost because, why bother if everyone a trophy? Even though the participation trophies do help with participation, that is all it does. The participation trophy shows them that showing up does matter. Not about the other important things like helping teammates, try to improve, make a contribution to the team,…show more content…
We let them embrace and learn from their mistakes. These trophies don’t mean anything if everyone receives them, they just gather dust. Not only that children shouldn’t be given trophies just for showing up because the trophy has to stand for something,like improvement or spirit, if everyone receives it without earning it, the value is gone. Children should also know that winning and losing don 't matter, in the end, it 's about the skill you you have in that sport or activity or the progress you have made and how much fun you
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