Participative Leadership Style In Nursing

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Leaders are able to inspire their team and accomplish goals. Having a strong leader standing behind you can push members to do the best they can. In this paper I’m going to discuss the leadership style that I possess. I will also describe what leadership and management theories that align with my leadership style. Finally, I will discuss the type of work environment I create, based upon my leadership style and three key actions or behaviors I demonstrate to be a successful leader. After completing the leadership style self-assessment, I found I use a participative style. This is also known as a democratic leader. Most policy changes are discussed within the employees and a group decision is made (Huber,2014). When we are able to examine a…show more content…
My participative style works best in a stable environment where there is time to discuss ideas and strategies. Leadership in nursing is found to be related to nurses’ job satisfaction, job retention and empowerment (Su, Jenkins, & liu, 2012.) In order to be successful leader you must be able to inspire your followers. Providing rewards in positive feedback help employees feel appreciated. Another key action would be showing your employees you are able to join in and contribute to the work. Working alongside your followers helps builds respect. The last key behavior I’m going to discuss is allowing your followers to feel safe to speak up. If there are problems in the organization, we as leaders need to know about these. Employees must be able to report these problems without reprimand. These are all three behaviors demonstrated in a democratic leadership style. In conclusion, we must have strong leaders to run a strong company. I portray a more participative style of leadership, tending to involve followers and decision-making. Leadership styles can change depending on the situation in these needs to be taken into consideration. Becoming a leader takes a strong individual who is able to gain the respect of its followers and point them in the right
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