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Optimization Algorithm The Optimization Algorithm is a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem and get the exact value or can say optimal value of that problem. There are 2 Optimization Algorithms : • Genetic Algorithm (G. A.) • Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm (P. S. O.) • Genetic Algorithm Genetic Algorithm is give by Charles Darwin and based on the concept of Natural selection and evolution. This Algorithm is started with the set of solutions also known as chromosomes or population. The solution from the one population is taken and used to make a new population from the previous solution, the purpose of doing this is that we hope that the new generated population is better than the older one. The solutions which are selected from the first population is…show more content…
Eberhart and Dr. Kennedy in 1995. This optimization is inspired by following two similar natural behaviors : 1. Birds Flocking 2. Fish Schooling Bird Flocking : In this natural behavior group of birds searching for food in an area but they don’t know the direction of the food (in PSO food is particle) but they know how far the food is so, in this case situation they follow the bird which is nearest to the food this behavior of birds is known as Birds Flocking. Fish Schooling : This behavior of fish is also similar as the birds, in fish schooling group of fishes are searching for the food in an particular area but they do not know the exact location of the food but they know how far the food is so, they follow the fish which is nearest to the food such behavior of fishes is called as Fish Schooling. Particle Swarm Optimization is relies on the exchange of information between individuals called particles x (swarm), each particle adjust its trajectory towards its best position to find the best solution. This optimization overcomes the problem of Genetic Algorithm that is this optimization stores the previous best values of the

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