Party Government: Interest Groups In The United States

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Party government believes that we need a “strong decisive government to solve social and economic problems”, but in order to do this we must be able to keep our government under control, as mentioned earlier (Hershey 301). All judges and justices share a commitment to uphold the Constitution making the United States a country governed by a rule of law. Roosevelt was no civil libertarian nor a crusader for racial justice but, his court-packing plan would not have endangered the Supreme Court 's legacy of ruling in favor of individual rights; the justices of his era showed little interest in protecting the rights that are actually protected by the Constitution (Milhiser Web). Studies over the last few decades have all come to the conclusion that court-packing is unconstitutional in nature, but what about interest groups? How can an interest groups influence courts as well? In one of two ways. The first is by direct contact or lobbying. It requires an abundance of money to pay simple things like meals, hotel rooms and travel expenses. Lobbyists strive to get in good spirits with officials in all three branches of the government. Congress is where the bulk of the money goes when trying to win officials over in an effort of trying to affect the legislation being generated in Congress. Lobbyists speak with Congressmen and women directly, some go as far as testifying at congressional hearings. They have access only to the lower levels of the executive branch,…show more content…
Lastly, interest groups such as the NAACP who worked for years to have civil rights cases
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