Pasadena City College Student Analysis

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Currently, at Pasadena City College (PCC), I am a student who is part of the Honors program and is committed to his academics. The Honors program has enriched my learning experience through rigorous objectives and challenging assignments that undoubtedly have contributed to my knowledge, character, and drive. I have, for example, accomplished four honors English courses and done the honors assignments for each: from creating a short story to creating a poem that commemorates The Great War, I have passed the classes with A 's. However, it has been more than the grades, it is also knowledge and wisdom that I have gained in completing the classes. Moreover, at PCC, I have the opportunity to be the treasurer for the Psychology Club, which has taught me valuable lessons on how to run a club and work efficiently with team members. It has been PCC that has allowed me to explore and pursue my passion for English Literature.

Upon attending the University of
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The reason I am interested in also pursuing a degree in creative writing is because I enjoy creating my own works and would like to immerse myself in the art and hone my skills that, ultimately, can help me get my works published. Secondly, the reason for my choice to possibly pursue a degree in rhetoric is because, I find the study of language and persuasion and the art of speaking as something intriguing, and would like to study and theorize by questioning and adding to already established theories. Upon completing a bachelor’s degree, I would like to pursue a master’s degree in my major. Then I intend on applying for a doctoral program and earn a doctorate’s degree. I hope to do all in an effort to pursue a career in academia by achieving a position as a professor, but I also plan on writing and publishing my own works
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