Pascal Wenger's Argument For The Existence Of God

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According to a philosopher, Pascal Wenger, one 's belief about God existing is based on self-interest. He argues that it is in our interest to believe that God exists and hence from his point of view it is rational for us human beings to do so. Furthermore, he adds that if we believe in God 's existence and he truly exists then, we are bound to receive a reward in heaven but if he doesn 't exist we won 't have lost a thing. Finally, he concludes those who do not believe in God 's existence; then he exists they are bound to receive an endless penalty in heaven. Also, other arguments about the existence of God include the ontological perspective which tries to argue from the point of abstract reasoning. The argument is based on the concept of…show more content…
Below are some similarities with my personal beliefs. First, God exists because the existence of any other thing is because of God. Every dependent thing has a clarification for its existence. For that reason, if the universe has an explanation of its existence then it must be a personal being. The world is classified as an unexpected thing. It is, therefore, clear that the universe has an explanation for its existence. The explanation is a transcendent, personal being who is God. According to a philosopher (Kant, 2014), God exists. The reason being existence is not a predicate. In his argument, he objects the rationalist 's view of "something exists" so as to predicate a property. The primary example, in this case, is the existence of God. Kant further argues that there is no case including that of God where we can predicate "existence" has a property in the concept of any object. This is further illustrated using one-hundred dollars so as to point out the difference. Having one-hundred dollars in the pocket is different from imagining one has one hundred dollars in their pocket is not a difference in the concept of one hundred dollars. Hence to say something exists is not to predicate a property that its concept lacks if the thing did not exist, even in the case of God. This is quite similar to my view about God since the superior being
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