Pascal's Argument For The Existence Of God

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Pascal suggests that the faith in believing God is a "wager". For any person S, he or she has two choices can be made. One choice is α, the other is β, and if α is chosen to have a greater benefit for S, S should choose α. Taking into account the existence of God or not has half of the possibility, and believing God has greater benefit. Therefore, people should choose to believe in the existence of God.
What is the advantage of Pascal? That is, people believe God that can help them enter heaven. From the perspective of strategy, the benefits of going to heaven can be said to be infinite. The benefits of can not go to heaven should be zero. The opportunity of God can be infinitely small, but is multiplied by infinity, also derived infinity. The chance that God does not exist is greater, but equals to zero if multiplied by zero. Therefore, the choice of believing that God exists would win. And the contrary is that the choice of God does not exist. It is a choice that would lose.
For Pascal 's wager, most philosophers argue that it is the most perverse argument in discussing the faith of God 's existence. If you get a message outside of saying that your house is on fire, your children are still in the house. You are not sure if the news was accurate. What is a more rational decision for you? Of course, you will rush to go
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For the above objections, a proponent of Pascal 's Wager can refute in such way. For example, Pascal 's Wager is not a complete denial of evidence, but rather that it is not immoral to use practical reasoning without sufficient evidence. Pascal 's Wager has support of decision-making theory to a great extent. Anyway, according to Pascal 's Wager, betting on not believing God is impossible to win. There is a free invitation from God. Everyone has freewill that can accept or reject the invitation. Pascal 's Wager is precisely the choice that accepts or rejects the existence of God, and therefore there is no conflict at
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