Pascal's Waager Rhetorical Analysis

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Argument Against the Argument of Pascal’s Wager In Pascal’s Wager, Pascal pioneered new thoughts and opinions amongst his peers in probability theories by attempting to justify that believing in God is advantageous to one’s personal interest. In this paper, I will argue that Pascal’s argument rationalizing why one should believe in God fails and I will suggest that even if one was to accept Pascal’s wager theory, this will not be a suffice resolution to reap the rewards that God has promised to Christian believers like myself who has chosen to believe in God due to my early childhood teachings, familial and inherited beliefs. Pascal offers a logical reason for believing in God: just as the hypothesis that God's existence is improbable, the…show more content…
Christians are devout believers in one God, the Bible and Heaven and Hell. We believe in God’s omniscience and omnipotence (all-powerful). Therefore, being a Christian myself, I believe that anyone claiming to believe in God when in fact they don’t are no different than an atheist because they are only saying they are believers in hopes of gaining a reward. I find this philosophical theory interesting because I have never heard of betting on God’s existence by pretending to believe in him. Oftentimes people like myself are taught about God and Christianity at an early age in life. Likewise, I was taught about God before I even began attending school. My entire family, including my ancestors practiced the Christian religion. My brother is currently a Pastor at his own church that my children and I attend weekly. It’s difficult for me to change my beliefs after being raised around nothing but believers and taught that through faith, Christians know that God exists. It was interesting to learn of different reasons that others have for believing or nor believing in God. All in all, after examining the arguments that have been put forward against Pascal’s Wager, the wager fails to provide acceptable reasons as to why claiming to believe in God will be beneficial to those who are believing in God
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