Pashtun Peace Movement

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In this assignment, I will try my ultimate best to demonstrate how important the Pashtun peace movement has been in promoting peace and what significance did the Pashtun peace movement bring with them to the region of Pakistan. I will be explaining and discussing the major significances of the Pashtun peace movement. This anti-imperialistmovement in the North-West Frontier Province of what is today the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan existed from 1929 to 1948 The Pastuns also known as the Pathics or the ethnic Afghans are the second biggest and largest ethnic group in both Afghanistan and in Pakistan. This movement is one of the most successful non-violent movements of the 20th century. They have prevented the British from taking over…show more content…
Throughout the 17 year duration of the KK movement, Pashtuns refrained from all violent action despite heightened British Brutality, and oppressive control measures. This non-violent movement was mastered by a charismatic typed leader known by the name of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, otherwise referred to as the “Frontier Gandhi”. He became a close friend and ally with Gandhi himself in the freedom and struggle against the British. Khan also adopted many of Gandhi’s methods of peace making. In order for the peace movement to succeed in promoting peace in the Pashtun region the members learned very basic army disciplines including marching drill and calisthenics. “They had their own flag, badges, military hierarchy of ranks even a bagpipe corps everything except weapons” . The leader Khan is also known as the King Khan, tried to aim for ultimate reformation and improved education for his fellow Pastuns. It was the year of 1929 he set up this peace movement to free the rest of British India from further colonialism through strikes, non – violent conflict and political rallies. To help Khan out, there was KK volunteers who were known as the red shirts due to their red uniforms they wore. Women were also allowed to participate in volunteering of the peace movement. This was a very dangerous task for the women as they did not…show more content…
His efforts were effective for example creating many schools in the Pakistan area. He wanted the government to help him with grants in order to create more schools, universities and colleges in the main city of Waziriristan and educate millions of people of Pakistan. He knew these people just needed correct education in order to realise that this violence wasn’t the answer to the problems they had and it had to stop sooner or later.
To conclude the Pashtun peace movement are still present to this day, trying incredibly hard to put a final stop on the rate of violence and conflict to their region. They have spent all their time demanding the government to implement a plan to stop the violence and also to provide the peace movement with international aid and grants. Currently there is not a single day that goes by where there is not a reference to war, violence or killings in the two cities of Pakistan and
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