Passage In 'The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian'

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Alone in the world, Junior is a young Native American, fighting against the rising tides against him to be hopeful. The novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, written by Sherman Alexie, is about the growth of a teenage Native American, Junior, as he strives to be more than what is given to him. Junior is trying to find himself amidst the dying world of his forefathers and is stripped of his culture. He is also initially hesitant of success for it may cost him the only thing he has left, which is his community. In the passage, “If You Stay On The Rez…” is an extremely important passage since it not only kick starts Junior’s desire to leave and have a chance verse the pitiful life he would continue on the reservation but also draws into the light, the feeling of ‘should I stay or should I go.’ In the novel, “If You Stay On The Rez…” is the most significant passage because it expresses the overlapping theme that hope and chances are only earned through taking risks, and propels the plot of the story in a different direction, one that is brighter than the initial dark, humorous beginning. This specific passage is essential in the…show more content…
P explains to Junior how hard he has fought, how Junior fought off brain surgery, seizures, drunks and drug addicts, that Junior is stronger than he thinks. As Junior slowly comprohends the truth that his teacher was laying out, he began to question where is hope? Mr. P responds to his question saying, “‘Son,’...’You’re going to find more and more hope the farther and farther you walk away from this sad, sad, sad reservation!” (Alexie 43) Mr. P’s statement emphases Junior’s need to go somewhere other than the reservation, so that he might be successful. This passage connects to the overarching theme, Junior needs to leave the reservation to be successful but if he leaves, his community will disown him. Losing his community is one of Junior’s fears, making it one of the risks he must take in order to have
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