Passion And Ambition In Can 'T' By Edgar Albert Guest

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As she swings around the velvet silk, she expresses her passion and ambition for her incredible powers. The crowd roars with “oohs” and “ahhhs” as she swings around only held up by her hands, 40 feet in the air as if she was a bird performing aerial tricks for her children. But this woman is no ordinary acrobat - she is Jen Bricker. A woman born without legs, with a passion for gymnastics. At an early age, her parents banned the word “can’t” in their household. The Bricker family thought of “can’t” as a depressant - never letting you fulfill your dreams. Instead they fused the phrase “I can” into Jen until she was saying it everyday. From a poem about the word “Can’t” by Edgar Albert Guest about always believing in yourself, to an unordinary childhood, both the poem and Jen are extremely similar.…show more content…
Reason being, they will just make you feel like you cannot live your dreams. For example, on line 9, Guest says that “can’t is a foe to ambition.” This is 100% true, as it will destroy your dreams of any hope of possibility. Because of this, the theme of “Can’t” by Edgar Albert Guest is clearly clearly to never listen to anything or anyone that says you can’t do something, and just remember that you

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