Passion And Passion Essay: What Is Passion?

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What is passion? Dictionary definitions include "a powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger; ardent love; strong sexual desire; lust; the object of such love or desire; boundless enthusiasm or the object of such enthusiasm; an abandoned display of emotion, especially of anger", and so on.

Let's look at passion in the positive sense. Your passions are an excellent indicator of what you are here to do. Before coming into body, we agreed to separation from our eternal selves, so that part can only speak to us through our emotions, saying "yes, that one" or "no, not this way". The more passionate you are on a certain topic, the more likely it is to be part of your assignment. So ask yourself:

1. What do you LOVE?

2. What do you
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Most of us have issues that need to be resolved, and goals that need to be integrated so that we can get back in alignment with who we truly are. Integration means bringing your goals into harmony with your field so that what you desire becomes possible for you. A goal is anything you want that you don't have yet. Most people don't attain their goals because they have contaminations to their bio-computers that are blocking their system; when those contaminations are cleared, many things become possible that were not possible before. The most effective way to to integrate your goals is using Geotran human programming, because Geotran integrations are designed to get you back in alignment with your divine self. Setting your goals helps you to see who you are and what you truly want, and integrating them resets your alignment - so it's a double treat!

So what are you passionate about? Where does your enthusiasm show itself most strongly? That is the single most important indicator of what you are here to do. The fortunate ones have such strong passions that they know immediately what path to take. Most of us have to work at it a bit, because everyone has pressure from their family, culture or society, and that can be distracting until you learn that being who you are is the most important thing you in
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