Case Study: The Lunar Ticks

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We all have passions and we like to follow them. We have different passions like dance, music, sports, arts etc. and we feel better when we practice these things. We use different resources to develop our interest in any work like Jay, Kel and Cia, the Lunar Ticks that was a dedicated band, practiced for the band regularly to improve their passion for music and also maintained a balance between their studies and their passion. The Lunar Ticks were so passionate about music that they wanted to build a career in the field of music and they never wanted to compromise with it. Amy was a threat to the Lunar Tick’s success and because of that Kelvin broke all his relations with Amy, as he did not want any obstacle coming in his way or between him…show more content…
Like, when Jay and his band members Kel and Cia went to watch Indigo Daze perform by bunking their classes, Cia’s mother decided to ground Cia, but for Jay nothing was as important as winning the band competition, he made a deal with Cia’s mother that they will clean her garage and in exchange she will allow Cia to practice for the band. We have only one passion and if we have more, then we would not be able to focus and will not be able to be expert in anything. When we focus on more than one thing than our mind gets diverted and therefore we could never be satisfied by ourselves. But on the other hand if we practice more than one thing than surely we gain more experience. We could have one passion and many interests. A passion is a thing that we love and it also should make us feel better. When we are passionate about something then that thing makes us feel better and if it does not then it is not the thing we are truly passionate about. We should also have coordination between the band members and if it’s not there then it is a failure. There should be no conflict or dispute between any of the band members, everyone should be given equal opportunities and everyone must be synchronized. Being truly passionate about a thing is only when we respect, be fair and collaborative with
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