Passion For Barbecue

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“Do you have something that you are passion to do?” — I am sure everyone does. The joy in life comes from our passion. Jason Sheehan, the author of the essay “There’s No Such
Thing as Too Much Barbecue,” discusses his belief in barbecue and explains the reasons why he loves barbecue deeply. According to my own experience, I have also found a deep passion for painting. Similar to what Jason Sheehan thinks of his belief, I believe in painting. As for me, there is no more activity that can be more wonderful than painting. Moreover, painting is the only one that makes a long company during my life. Especially when I am alone, and no body who I can talk with, I am so glad to paint everything I want. Sometimes I draw something really serious like figures and
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Truly, I enjoy the feeling when I am preparing my drafts and coloring my art work, decorating as well. All in all, I believe that like everyone has something that he or she falls in love with, I fall in love with painting.
I believe that preparing drafts for further painting is the beginning of happiness, and it is really important like the basement of a building. Once I am about to draw, I have to decide what
I want to draw. And this moment, the imagination in my mind will become an active dancer. She dances so beautifully in my heart, and every dance step attracts all my attentions. I really enjoy the show and I pick the most attractive part to draw it down. When I rough in the draft by pencils, I feel excited about the pretty lines and graphic elements. They are sexy like women and they are soft like the moon light. They can be everything I want to be. They are under my control. Sometimes I hate myself that with my limitation of art and my disappointing painting skills, I fail to catch the most wonderful sight of the perfect show in my mind even though I

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