Passion For Nursing

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The nursing profession to my understanding is one that helps others by using skills that is blended with scientific knowledge, compassion, thoughtfulness and caring, as well as the community. They provide preventative and restorative health care to patients and the community in a variety of settings. The nursing profession requires a person who is self-motivated, compassionate; an individual who will understand a person not only with their biological needs, but also their psycho social and cultural needs as well. For this reason, I believe I have all these skills to be an advanced professional registered Nurse. My main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an innate desire to help people and care for them in times of need. My …show more content…

He asked me to make him a promise before he passed on that I would surely go to school to be a professional nurse because that is my true calling. This made me take a bold step to register with a college to begin my journey of becoming a Registered Nurse. Surprisingly, I have completed an Associated in Science, a mathematics and science degree with a 3.4 GPA in a year and half a great progress and still persisting to get into a nursing school to complete my passion and true calling career. Even though I am not yet a nurse, I will say nursing is not just career, however, it is about caring, understanding, sharing and giving to the human existence when they are weak or are in need. Therefore, attending Adelphi University Nursing program will teach me to be more proactive and not reactive and to always take accountability for my actions, which I believe, is essential in the nursing profession. I also chose baccalaureate preparation in nursing because, it makes specialization in fields such as Psychiatry (Psychiatric nurse) or anesthesiology more feasible and I believe it will give me a better perspective of what I really want after my bachelors. If given the opportunity to be part of Adelphi University outstanding Nursing program, I promise to bring my knowledge, experience, ingenuity, originality, organizational skills, determination, perfection and uniqueness. I always strive for superiority. Hence, these qualities that I have will enable me to perform effectively as a student and later as a great practicing registered

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