Passion For Science

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Curiosity, passion and hard work, are the three pillars behind every success. From Stone Age to our modern age, every sort of invention that had made our life easier are based on these three pillars. Whenever a curious mind find its passion for something and work relentlessly after this passion, it creates miracle. And science is all about miracles. From the discovery of gravity to the discovery of gravitational wave, science has astonished us with these miracles. And we all know that Physics is the father of all science. From Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein to Stephen hawking every great physicist has shown the beauty of science to the world. May be everyone are not as great as these scientist, but anyone can enjoy the beauty of physics, following the footsteps of these great people.…show more content…
Life history of different scientist and their extraordinary contributions to science always inspired me. When I was in class 7, I had read a book named “History of Science”. In this book I read about the life history Antonio Van Leuen Hook, Alfred Nobel and Madam Curie. Their contribution and dedication level toward science surprised me. Since then I can never imagine myself other than science students. Different mystery of nature and its scientific explanation always fascinates me. That’s why I always wanted to devote myself as a servant of science and contribute something in the ocean of
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