Personal Narrative: My Drive To Become A Communication Studies Teacher

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My drive to become a Communication Studies teacher was sparked when I was a sophomore in high school. In my high school, everyone was required to take one semester of Speech class in order to graduate. My teacher was just another English teacher in the school and she did not approach Speech with the same enthusiasm as she did literature- which was disheartening because I was more than excited to be in this class. Speech was unlike anything I had ever taken, of course I had done class presentations before, but nothing more than a book report with a poster board. Speech felt like a wonderful new world of possibilities when presenting an argument or new information. When I got to community college, I took my Communication 101 class and found that it was so much more than my high school Speech class. We discussed interpersonal and intrapersonal communication, the different types of fallacies, and ways to read body language. The lecturer told us on the first day of class that his passion had been in Communication Studies since he was a freshman in college and that was something that resonated with me. Every day I was able to match his excitement for the subject. After I transferred to Southern Illinois University, I declared a major in Communication Studies…show more content…
I believe teachers are a very fundamental part of our world today. When they are passionate about their work, teachers can be one of the most influential parts of a person’s life no matter how old. I believe with my fervor and eagerness to become an educator, I would excel in a Master’s program that would help me become one step closer to achieve this goal. If given the opportunity, I would work every day to do my very best in your Communication Studies Master’s program because not only do I have a great passion for education, but I have a deep zeal for Communication

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