Passion In Conrad Phillip Kottak's The Rites Of Passage

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All About Passion
Passion is usually defined as an intense desire or a strong, uncontrollable emotion. When I think of the word, true love flows through my mind. As a teenager, I started developing an interest in art, particularly cinema. During my progression into adulthood, it grew stronger as I became more knowledgeable and saw as many films as I could. Eventually, I was fortunate to endure a miraculous film experience that helped elevate my love for cinema to another level.
In Conrad Phillip Kottak 's short excerpt, Rites of Passage, he details the three stages of a rite of passage. Anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep categorizes the stages as Separation, Margin or Liminality, and Aggregation. Victor Turner also an anthropologist, focused solely on the liminal phase; the position between states. A rite of passage could be an individual, cultural or community experiences, but
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After attending my first film festival, I felt better about myself. I was ready to tackle more festival events. There are people who share this deep seeded passion for cinema like myself. There is an online film community that I joined through Facebook and have made several friends through it. I even had the opportunity to attend an SFIFF event with Harrison, a friend I met in one of my online film groups. We wore shirts of our favorite movies to SFIFF and it was our first-time meeting in person. All prior contact was online film group interaction. Harrison is extremely passionate about cinema and film culture like myself, and there are several others like him and I. My daily life may not be filled with constant cinema-loving peers; however, I still know who I can share my passion with. I gained a new respect for my knowledge of it and took pride in knowing I am different, but not alone. My passion set me apart in a unique and spiritual way. I started writing film reviews, sharing photos from festival events and friends would inquire about my experiences and reach out for film

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