Past And The Past Essay

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We, the people of the 21st century worry about the future. We make all kinds of plans and anticipate what is yet to come, so why should we bother learning about things that happened decades ago in places far, far away from us? Should it not be enough to learn about how our world works today, what our political systems look like and how we can use the progress we made in the past years? Before answering all these questions, we should first think about what history is. Many historians, philosophers and sociologists tried to come up with a good description before, but many would agree that history is clearly fundamental. Some would say it is a science, others that it is a ’poetic act’, but the fact that it is an „Unending dialogue between the present and the past.” is often seen as true. We should care about it because to understand the world we live in today we first need to comprehend that past and present go hand in hand. They both play their parts in this ’unending dialogue’, you can not have one without the other. So why should we care? Every person arguing for the…show more content…
In fact, we have to do so if we want to understand why the things around us are this way, what we have gone through and who we are slowly but surely becoming as a society. History is important because „Never before has it been so important to understand global problems, and never before have these complex issues been harder to grasp.” As an illustration we can think about the fact that science is a lot more open today than before, since a lot of scientists’ theories met extreme scepticism at first, then years later they were proved to be right. In this case they learned from their past and realized that being overly sceptical and agnostic does not always come in handy when wanting to improve in many different fields. No matter what a present-day engineer or scientist does, it definitely is only possible because of their predecessors’ work in their
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