Pastor Milton Mendez Speech Analysis

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For this public speaking reaction paper, I choose to go see my Pastor Milton Mendez give a sermon at his church located at 2105 Palisades Ave, Union City New Jersey on December 6, 2015. The main topic of his sermon was about being truly free. He started the sermon by stating that it was a continuation of the past sermon. He quickly went on to describe the definition of being free and gave a small overview of what he was going to cover on that particular date. Through the presentation, Pastor Milton uses a visual aid in the form of an overhead projector. The images projected on the screen are not from a previously set up power point but are shown by an assistant that is listening to the pastor and displays the bible verse he is referring to.…show more content…
He creates credibility by referring to the bible, because the bible is the one book Christians do not question because it was written by God, therefore by making constant reference to the holy book it proves that what he saying is true. Although pastor Milton makes reference to a book that was written many years ago; he manages to relate it to the audience by comparing life from then, to their everyday life now. Pastor Milton uses signpost at the end of his sermon by saying “to conclude” as early as ten minutes, before the end of his speech. He does not use signpost at the beginning of his speech because he is introduced to the stage by someone else that does use signpost by saying the pastor’s name. In my opinion, I think pastor Milton does a great job at public speaking. Pastor Milton keeps his audience engaged at all times by not having a monotone, but rather constantly changes its pitch, and adds movement to keep an interesting sermon. What I think pastor Milton does most successfully is related his sermon to the people in the audience. This makes for a successful speech delivery that will most certainly make the message stay in the speaker’s
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