Compare And Contrast Pastoral And Pastoral Counseling

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The purpose of this paper is to illustrate what are the similar and dissimilar elements of both pastoral care and pastoral counseling. In addition, I will elaborate on what role interest me the most between pastoral care and pastoral counseling.
How are pastoral care and pastoral counseling similar?
Pastoral care and pastoral counseling are similar because each pastoral service provides emotional support for the client(s), by providing therapeutic services. Pastoral care is a ministry of guidance and the pastors has the aptitude to influence the mind-sets of others, by promoting spiritual growth. Providing pastoral care can overlap with personal and professional relationships. Pastoral care Is when pastors and ministers keep us centered on what is essential in the healing process and in our relationship with God, the Almighty. Moreover, in the midst of the chaos and grief of a
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I am a spiritual leader who encourages others to seek assist from the Holy Spirit and build upon the strengths of individuals mental compasses, by teaching others about how power the word of God is. I am more of a mentor, who counsels, the elderly, the downtrodden, impoverished and lost souls (unchurched) of the universe. Those individuals who do not attend church tend to seek my advise. My presupposition is that, these individuals are extremely comfortable being around me, because of my aura. In addition, I keep a smile on my face and never show the universe how I am truly feeling because I know people are watching my every move. I always appear to be happy. Happy people or those who appear to be happy attract those who are troubled because they desire that same happiness. Sandy an elderly lady told me once "I heal souls." I thank God for my spiritual gift, skills and

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