Pat Buchanan Critique

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Critique Pat Buchanan is a political commentator and writer who served in the Nixon and Reagan administrations. He twice sought the Republican Party’s nomination and was the Reform Party’s candidate for President of the United States. In “Deconstructing America,” he argues that the a more diverse America become, the weaker she will be. For our nation to thrive Buchannan notes that unity in diversity can’t exist. National identity must supersede state identity for America to survive (68). America experienced a dramatic increase in immigration in the last few years. Soon European-Americans will be a minority in the nation. Buchanan asks, “And when that day comes, what then will united us as a people (68)?” Racial and religious diversity…show more content…
America is a “melting pot” where people from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds assimilate to the American culture. Second and third generation immigrants do not identify as Chinese, but Chinese-Americans. They may have a different faith and look differently, but they are Americans. The American society gains from the addition of immigrants by becoming a more tolerant and understanding nation. Buchanan further limits his arguments by preying upon people’s fears. He states with the current rates of Third World immigration, both legal and illegal, Caucasians will be a minority in America soon. Where does is say in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence that there is a certain ethnicity or religion that defines America. He also dismissively refers to “London as Londonistan (69).” Name-calling and fear are not a solution if you are concerned with diversity. Ethnic and religious minorities find these code words insulting. After September 11, 2001, America was united. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu and Buddhist all prayed together. Even with this diversity, we were all Americans. As Patrick Henry stated during the development of the U.S. Constitution, “I am not a Virginian, but an American (68).” Buchanan further states that the diversity of African slaves and European settlers led to the American Civil War. The Civil War
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