Pat Mora Immigrants

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The Thorough Breakdown of Poem Immigrants After reading and studying the poem “Immigrants” by Pat Mora, one can see and identify a few literary symbolisms that are used to express the fearful tone of the poem. This poems three literary symbols that can be seen are, a sense of pride, acceptance, and of course sacrifice. The tone of this poem show how much an immigrant has to sacrifice in this country, in order to gain acceptance and, therefore, be proud Americans. Although, they can’t ever stop being who they are, they must try and sacrifice their own culture in order to be Americans. The first symbol that this family shows in this poem is pride. These people are so proud to be here in America, that they are willing to let go of their…show more content…
There are plenty of examples of sacrifices that this family has to make in order to gain our acceptance. A good example of this is seen, when the family decide to name their child accepted American names, instead of traditional names from which ever place they happen to be from, as show in line number three “name them Bill and Daisy”. This family is even willing to feed them junk American food, such as hot dogs and sweets and talk to them about sports, that they may not even understand in order to be more American as an example show in the line number (two, five) “feed them mashed hot dogs and apple pie” and “football and tiny cleats before the baby can even walk”. Even the facts shown in the previous paragraphs are sacrifices that an immigrant parents has to make. Can one imagine your kids not being able to speak our native tongue? These people are willing to speak to the in a foreign langue and only whisper their native language in order to be accepted by the people in their new adopted homeland. Immigrants are willing to give up their culture, give them foreign toys, teach them different sports, learn new languages, change their names and these are just a few of the sacrifices these people make to be here. This whole poem is filled with sacrifices that a parent has to make to their native culture in order to fit in and even with everything
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