Pat On Obama's Head Analysis

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“Boy’s Pat on Obama’s head” is a photograph that was Shot in the Oval Office on May 8, 2009 by Pete Souza. This photograph was composed in a moment. In the photo, Mr. Obama bowed to the little boy, who stands erect beside the Oval Office desk, his arm raised to touch Mr. Obama’s hair to see if it feels like his. One of the thing that made this photograph memorable was The president’s willingness to bend down and let the little boy feel his head. This eight-year-old boy thought that there must be something wrong with his hair, that a president of the United who looks exactly like him may possibly not have the same type of hair as this says a lot about race in America. On another level, it 's Obama blessing Jacob 's future the only way…show more content…
In Souza’s photograph, I want to believe the greatness of a man is not in his color, rather in his mind. But when we have the opportunity of being inspired by someone who has unexpectedly attained the height of greatness, we too can have some faith in ourselves. The little Jacob is just inspired by The President and his curiosity is just flawless. I think it 's just a beautiful and absolutely telling image of the very essence of President Obama, and the role model he is for millions of kids around the world. As much as Jacob learned that the President had hair like his, he was given an even more important lesson from the President: Part of what it means to be, and to act like like a man, and a human being. President Obama embodies everything that America means to me and everything that I love about it and in this one simple gesture, he elicits an undying loyalty and re-commitment to the truly revolutionary ideals of America that he represents: equality, justice, opportunity, evolution, freedom and democracy. Barack Obama is a potent symbol for anyone who has ever belonged to a minority race. Mr Obama is a symbol of some of the best things in America. Given his family history, he is also a symbol of what a person can achieve if he works hard and has the support of people who love him. I over love
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