Pat Solitano Essay

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Resources Pat Solitano has a good support system in his life. His mother is very supportive and wants to help Pat do well in his current state. She helps with getting him his medication every day and ensures that he gets to counseling when he is supposed to. His father is supportive of him, but has a harder time being patient with Pat. While his brother is not around very often, he does look out for Pat. Pat’s family does not have very much information on mental illness and how to cope with Pat’s symptoms and behavior. He has a couple of close friends that are also supportive as well. Strengths Pat is an incredibly intelligent individual. He is very knowledgeable about history. His intelligence might have something to do with his strong sense of…show more content…
He talks rapidly and in a pattern that is hard to follow at times. His speech is loud and often prevents others from talking. When Pat becomes irritable, his speech becomes hostile and often goes on tirades. Pat related an example of this speech behavior during a session about a night that he read A Farewell to Arms. He was unsatisfied with the ending and upset that it was depressing, so he threw his book out of the window. He then went to his parents’ bedroom in the middle of the night and went off on a tirade about the problems with the book. If anyone tries to interrupt him during these instances, his speech is filled with even more hostile comments. These interruptions do not stop him from talking, they just make him more rushed. When he becomes irritable like this, he becomes theatrical, using excessive hand gestures. His speech becomes forceful and increasingly loud. When he became agitated because he could not find his wedding video, he began yelling “I’m not calming down. I don’t give a fuck who hears,” after his mother told him to calm down. During situations such as these, Pat also experiences flight of ideas, with racing thoughts
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