Patagonia Research Paper

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Introduction Patagonia is a region located at the bottom of South America and is part of both Argentina and Chile. It is made up of three zones; Andean Patagonia, Atlantic Patagonia, and the Central Patagonia. Patagonia has a variety of landscapes from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, because of this Patagonia is know for its outdoor tourism (What is Patagonia?, n.d.).
Patagonia’s tourism is predominately made up of nature based tourism or heritage tourism. The wide variety of landscapes in Patagonia allows for different nature based attractions. Many tourist visit to Patagonia to fish or hike the Andes Mountains. However, some of the major attractions for tourist going to Patagonia are Los Glaciares National Park,
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All of these motivations push the tourist to travel. Many of the tourist that come to Patagonia are there for adventures such as hiking, climbing, skiing, and exploring. The motivations that effect the type of tourist that come to Patagonia the most are escape, broaden horizon, and self realization. Patagonia offers an escape from the norm of society because it is such an undeveloped area, tourist can come and escape from the busyness. Many tourist are drawn to Patagonia for the many adventures that they offer. These adventures broaden their horizons. For many backpackers, climbers, and skiers the ability to travel to new places to do these actives increases their skill level because they have experienced a different place and learned from it. Also Patagonia’s culture is very different than most visitors cultures. This allows the tourist to broaden their understanding of other cultures. Finally, self realization is a big part of going on a trip to a destination such as Patagonia. Many of the attractions that tourist come for are both physically and mentally demanding. The allows for reflection on the tourist self allowing them to grow from the experience they have. Also, if this is the first time that the tourist has an experience such as this it will grow them as a person. Patagonia as a destination is known for being a very intense place for many travelers because of the personal growth that happens while
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