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Patau syndrome is a bad syndrome caused by a Chromosomal Abnormality, this is when some or all of the cells in the body contain an extra genetic material from chromosome 13. Full Trisomy 13 is a genetic disorder caused by nondisjunction of chromosomes during a stage called Meiosis. The effects are intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities which is your physical appearance, which includes heart defects, brain or cord abnormalities, poorly developed eyes, extra fingers on your hands or maybe extra toes, an opening in your lip(cleft lip) with or without a opening in your the roof of your mouth(cleft palate), weak muscles in your body(hypotonia) low birth weight. The reason they might have a cleft lip and palate is because the brain…show more content…
In the United Kingdom fewer than 200 babies are born with this condition every year.The Infants that do make it past coming out of their mom 's belly make it about 2 days (as the median), 50% live longer than a week and 5-10% live more than one year past being born. Some babies don’t make it through birth. So, some babies die before they come out of their mom’s belly. In this stitchuation it’s hard to get through this.
In patau syndrome babies are born with only two less chromosomes (forty six instead of forty eight). These pairs are arranged in twenty three pairs of chromosomes. The children born with this have an extra copy of their thirteenth chromosome in every cell in their entire body. Patau syndrome is the most severe of all chromosomal abnormalities. Using a Ultrasound, trisomy 13 is often able to be seen as early as 10 weeks into pregnancy.
Mosaic variations can happen in which some cells some cells are normal with 46 chromosomes and some others have the extra chromosomes. Babies with mosaic variations tend to be less affected than

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