Patch Adams Movie Analysis

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Patch Adams is a romantic comedy, biopic, drama directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Robin Williams, that details the trials (literally) and tribulations of one Patch Adams. The movie is frequently described as a “tear jerker” if by tear jerker you mean that this movie is like pulling out teeth without sedatives. The movie is based on the life of the real Patch Adams if Adams looked like a friendlier member of the suicide squad and walked around in a butcher’s coat. Despite this films firm tugs on the emotional heart strings of the average viewer as an art piece this work is arguably terrible the development of the supporting characters is average at best, the acting is terrible, the morals communicated through the work are dubious, and the film fails in its role as a biopic. Beware, if you actually contemplate watching this movie spoilers are to follow.…show more content…
After helping a man use the restroom, Patch decides he would be a great doctor and takes his forty-something self-straight to the nearest medical school. In a long walking, talking, meat packing sequence Patch explains to his frizzy haired medical school bestie the difference that kind words and humor can have in someone’s life. After testing out his mostly nose based comedy routine on real patients, some intense soul searching, and a chat with a mentally ill billionaire eccentric Patch decides to open a free hospital. Luckily he brings his friends frizzy glasses (Truman) and blondie (Carin) along for the ride. The film graciously takes the viewers through a twisted emotional rollercoaster. As it turns out, practicing medicine without a license is not cool. However, for reasons unknown the medical tribunal decides to let this one go. Patch graduates from medical school and flashes the
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