Hunter Adams Movie Analysis

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Based on the Patch Adams movie, there are many lessons that we have learned. First, joy is the best medicine. Hunter Adams believe that laughter therapy is the best and effective medicine to treat the patients. He used that methods to bring joy and happy to the children in the cancer ward. He acted and imitate like the clown to make children happy and forget about his pain. He put on the red thing to his nose. Adams is appointed as hero because he bring the happiness situation to hospitals. Even though, dean of his university does not like that situation. Hunter Adams also actualize, one granny that he meet in the hospitals ward that have dream to be in s swimming pool that full of noodles from wall to wall and top to bottom. When granny was a little girl. Whenever her mother cook spaghetti. Her mother would let her reach into the pot and squeeze the noodles.
Joy and laughter can brightens the mood, realizes tension, increases
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If we focus on the problem, we cannot see the solution. We should focus on solution. At the psychiatric ward, Arthur mendelson whose from brand beaton industries that have self-commited, genius syndrome and haward hughes type. He point his four finger to Hunter Adams and Adams’s answer was four. It totally wrong because it right answer is eight. If you focus thing, you cannot see back of that.
Has this critical reflection inspired you to make changes in your own life? Yes, this critical reflection inspire I because in this live we should happy and not sad and stress. I try hard to improve my life and healthy by set positive mind and always realize tension. Next, I be more confident to give an opinion and I also brave to doing thing that I like without fear and shame. After watching this movie, I get inspired to be myself and not be victim of circumstance. I will do the thing and learn something that I learn and
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