Patch Adams Scholarship

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Dear Scholarship committee of Saint Paul College:

If you could save a childs life by directly making that child feel welcomed, loved, and cared for with intent to cure or make their transition from this world a little less complicated with the guidence you could offer, would you?I ask myself this question everytime I doubt my resolve to pursue a future working with children with severe/terminal illnesses. Though, to many individuals it may seem like an immature or foolish reason to think that “Patch Adams” (the film staring Robin Williams) could be an inspiring film that can utimately give someone the passion to pursue a field to which he/she has previously gave up on. I want to to be an individual who can prove to himself and everyone else who told him it would be impossible, that it is possible to achieve a higher learnering in the field you are passionate about regardless of how difficult it will be.
Unfortunately, being the rebellious adolecent I was, I decided to blame everyone else but myself for mistakes I have made. Not knowing education is really a privlage, and that
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Giving me the abilty to use it to further my education, would help me greatly. The gift of having the ability to take an extra class to further my career or being able to use some of the scholarship for room an bored would allow me to focus harder on gaining every bit of knowledge I can. After obtaining my degree in nursing with full intentions of pursuing it through Saint Paul College. I plan on pursuing a(n) fellowship/internship at United Childrens Hospital. With the hopes of becoming a Registered Nurse I will continue to further educate myself in my field after graduation. With the extra time this scholarship will provide; it will allow me to have the free time to volenteer at a local hospital, learning more about the enviornment I will soon be working in. That would be opportunity to increase my education even
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