Patchwork Quilt Reflection

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The book that I read the class was “The Patchwork Quilt” by Valerie Flournoy and the two vocabulary words that I selected for my readings were “masterpiece” and “patchwork”. Due to the constraints of time, I choose to only read the first seven pages of the book (promising to finish the book during the next class period). I only chose two words because I had yet to facilitate a read aloud lesson with my students, and I believed that two words would work best for our students’ ability level. Additionally, because I had been with my students for such a short amount of time, I knew that a sizeable portion of my lesson would be spent on modeling and facilitating turn and talk. I thought masterpiece and patchwork made good vocabulary words because…show more content…
The first thing I would change is that I would add a visual anchor chart that detailed which students are partners with which students. I had issues today getting students to remember who was their partner and what partner (duck or goose) that they were. Additionally, I need more practice with time management with lessons. I was given 40 minutes for the lesson, and my lesson lasted an hour and thirty. It was very easy for me to get carried away with making sure I hit all the key points of the lesson, and I kept the kids much longer than their cognitive loads can endure. Another thing I noticed is that many of our students were more behind grade level than I originally thought. Many of my students were unable to articulate their ideas very well and especially unable to write down their ideas – only one student was able to complete the writing portion independently; with five others being able to complete the sentence within the allotted time with teacher or peer help. I think what I could have done better is to do some scaffolding steps with my students. I provided them with examples of what I wanted for them to do, but I did not explicitly model or scaffold the steps to get to where I wanted them to be. Additionally, I think I could have established more differentiation within the assessment. For some students, I ended up picking the word I wanted them
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