Patek Ad Analysis

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Advertisers some persuasion strategies to make their advertisements more interesting, impressive and reliable. The aim to do is gaining more money via selling more products. Whereas making advertisements they use tactics seperately for women and men. Since their interests are different. Therefore comsumers can encounter lots of variable advertisements. Consumers can hold attitudes about products or services. Attitudes serve function in the person's life also in advertisements. Value-expression, Knowledge and Utilitarian are function of attitudes. Value expression is used in Patek Phillippe, is a watch brand, advertisement because ad include product symbolism and an image strategy. In ad women who is a mother hugs her daughter via this image the naturing feelings was tried to evoke. IWC watch advertisement by using message strategy and some informations. Marketer try to change consumers knowledge function because knowledge…show more content…
advertisement can influence comsumers with a kind of attractiveness and some credibility. Using a figure of mother provide more credibility because everyone has a mother and masses of women are mother or want to be mother. Therefore it is a acquaitance sensation and leads to advertisement more reliable. Consumers can trust the product easily. What qualities makes the Patek P. ad attractive is womans' and daughters' likeability and beauty. When consumers see this ad they may consider that if I buy it, I may look like them. Also it has similarities with some women because of maturity feelings ( there are some women who are mother or want to be mother). We are more likely to attractive who are smilar with us so that people can more tend to buy these products which are include some similarity with us. IWC ad can provide credibility thanks to detailed information processing. There is no reputation. However via giving information about anything about product make more reliable it. Therefore we can say that there is a credibility in this
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