Patellar Tendon Case Study

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Patellar Tendon Tear With Rehab A patellar tendon tear, also called a patellar tendon rupture, is a tear in the thick band of tissue that connects the kneecap (patella) to the shinbone (tibia). The condition can make it hard or impossible to straighten the leg. CAUSES This condition can be caused by: A blow to the front of the knee. Falling on your knee. A deep cut under the patella Landing on your foot with your knee bent after a high jump or fall. Activity-related wear and tear that weakens the tendon. RISK FACTORS This condition is more likely to develop in: Athletes who plays contact sports. Athletes who participate in sports that involve jumping or have a high risk of falls, such as downhill skiing.…show more content…
Weakness in your knee. Difficulty straightening your knee or an inability to straighten your knee. A feeling that your knee is giving way (instability). Bruising. Patella that slides up toward the thigh. DIAGNOSIS This condition may be diagnosed based on: Your symptoms. Your medical history. A physical exam. Imaging tests, such as: X-rays to check if your patella has moved up and out of place. MRI to check for a tear or disruption of the patellar tendon. During the physical exam, your health care provider will check the position of your patella and see if you can extend your knee. TREATMENT This condition may be treated by: Resting your knee and keeping it from bending. Wearing a knee brace for several weeks to keep your knee straight Using crutches or a walker to keep weight off your knee. Taking medicine to reduce pain and swelling. Doing exercises (physical therapy) to restore full moment and strength to your knee. If these treatments do not help, you may need to have surgery to reattach the tendon or repair the tear. HOME CARE INSTRUCTIONS If You Have a Brace: Wear it as told by your health care provider. Remove it only as told by your health care

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