Patetic Argumentative Essay

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The bustling society we live in makes our lives fast-paced and abundant in people we meet. We are at the height of our traveling capabilities, which has only further advanced our society and the way we go about our daily lives. However, some suggest that our traveling capabilities have actually done more harm than good. Perry Patetic argues that the mobility of our society has harmed our close relationships, drawing us apart from our loved ones. Patetic states, “The advantages to living in such a highly mobile society are thus outweighed by the disadvantages.” Patetic claims that mobility has deteriorated our close relationships. This claim, however, is in many regards absurd. The vastly mobile society we live in gives us better opportunity…show more content…
Yet, Patetic may not realize that the mobile capabilities we have today allow us to visit each other from anywhere in the world. Patetic’s claim would be viable, should we still be living in villages where your family all live in the same neighborhood. However, this is not at all realistic in our advanced society. To suggest that we would be better off not possessing the technological capabilities we have today in travel, for the sake of “maintaining relationships,” is a huge step backward in advancing our society. It seems Patetic prefers a society run on inconvenient tradition over a society focused on taking steps forward to advance the way people live. The mobile society we live in today has not deteriorated our relationships; rather, it has given us the opportunity to strengthen them through easy travel, which will only be made more efficient by advancing our society. Patetic’s mentality is not relevant to the society we live in, and it would do more damage to us than good should we try to take steps backward to follow Patetic’s mentality. Travel is absolutely crucial in bettering the world we live in; to think of it as an evil is to hope society goes
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