Path To The Stars In William Cullen Bryant's To A Waterfowl

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Path to the Stars In William Cullen Bryant’s “To a Waterfowl” he states “ There is a power whose care/ Teaches thy way along the pathless coast.” (Bryant Page #) Throughout Bryant’s amazing work of literature one can clearly see his theme of a power greater than ourselves guiding us on the path called life. God has guided me along my path, and will continue to guide me towards my future destination which He has decided. Many times God uses people and experiences in our lives to guide us toward the future He has for our lives. God has guided me through life by using my grandfather, my father, and my experience on Covenant Christian School’s rocket team to guide me towards my future as an Aerospace Engineer. God used my grandfather to influence me. I remember, as a young child, following my grandfather through The Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He would stop to show me the O-ring on the Saturn V rocket, which he worked on. I would always listen to him intently as he began to explain what the O-ring’s purpose was. My grandfather also showed me many other aspects of rockets and aircrafts while explaining to me how each aspect worked. He sparked my interest in machines that reached not only the sky…show more content…
My father works on the PAC- 3 missile. I love it when he explains to me how the PAC-3 missile is able to navigate precisely, hit its target, and how the PAC-3 missile is able to fly horizontally instead of vertically like a rocket. My father is always encouraging me to strive to do my best. He pushes me to look past the obstacles and figure out how to solve each and every problem I face with God’s help. He has on numerous occasions helped me grow closer to Christ. Whenever I struggle spiritually I know I can always talk to my father. He is always willing to help. I am extremely thankful that God has used my father to impact my life both in my career choice and
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