Pather Panchali Song Of The Road Analysis

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Pather Panchali-Song of the Road: A Study from the Green Perspectives By Sandip Kumar Mishra Research Scholar KIIT University Email: Introduction: The world of Bibhutibhushan is invariably green as nature is keynote of almost all his prose narratives. His very first novel Pather Panchali-Song of the Road deals with human nature interconnection in the deepest level. If Ecocriticism is the study of nature in literary view-finder, the present article seeks to analyse this very popular novel in Bengali later translated into English from the various aspects of green literature. The rural landscape, human-nature bond, pathetic fallacy, the mal-treatment of the weaker section of society, the impact of culture upon nature etc., which are some of the…show more content…
The very title suggests that the text is going to be highly ecocritical. By ‘Panchali’ we mean simple song written by the poets of Middle Ages in Bengal. The writer here sings of the eternal saga of rural life hither to unexplored by many eminent writers of his time. The attraction of life centers round the call of ‘path’ (road) to explore the unknown and see the unseen. So ‘path’ here serves as a life force that draws out all the characters from home to nature to find out something better in life. Time and again the writer has mentioned the god of the road which guides the characters in their way of life. The novel projects man as the eternal wayfarer. Hence, there is a relationship between man and the physical
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