Pathologists Assistant Reflection

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I have been able to work side-by-side with a Pathologists ' Assistant since day one and because of this, I fully understand their role in the medical society. I owe a lot of what I learned as a grossing technician to them because of their guidance, input, and examples. The more I asked them questions and the more I watched them work, the more captivated I became by their role and realized I wanted to be in their position. As a result, I believe that my close working relationship with the Pathologists ' and Pathologists ' Assistants, as well as the exposure and knowledge I have gained by working in the department will help me succeed, particularly in Loma Linda University 's Pathologists ' Assistant program. Loma Linda University is a good fit for me a few reasons. For…show more content…
Aside from being knowledgeable in the field, Pathologists ' Assistants should also be flexible, amicable, communicate effectively, and possess time management skills. An important characteristic I noticed when observing the Pathologists ' Assistants was the amount of reasonability and trust they must gain from the Pathologists '. A patient 's diagnosis and course of treatment rely solely on the Pathologists ' Assistants ability to apply their knowledge and resources efficiently to sample appropriate areas of the given tissue. All in all, I admire the field as a whole but respect the role of a Pathologists ' Assistants because of their ability to tackle multiple tasks all at once, comply with the different demands from several Pathologists ', and remain poised under pressure. It is an honor to be able to work side-by-side with healthcare providers that go above and beyond to ensure quality service to their patients. I would not have been able to observe the role of a Pathologists ' Assistant without the guidance of Hanan Owayni, who is a Pathologists ' Assistant at Kaiser Permanente located in Walnut Creek, California. She may be contacted on her cell phone, (925) 683-8522, or by email at
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