Pathos And Persuasion In Extra's Extra Gum

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Would anyone expect a gum commercial to make one feel emotional? Well, Extra Gum did just that. In Extra’s 2013 gum commercial, they tell the story of a young girl and her father’s connection because of the gum. It uses two ordinary people who many people could probably relate to or want to relate to. Extra does a good job at showcasing pathos and ethos while logos is not as obvious but is still there making the commercial effective at persuading the audience. Pathos is the form of persuasion which uses, and messes with, people’s feelings. Pathos can be very effective while also being manipulative by pulling at one’s feelings very strongly. Extra Gum uses this form of persuasion very clearly in their ad for gum. It shows the memories of a girl and her father have created over the years because of the gum. When the girl was very young, he would give her a piece of gum and use the wrapper to make an origami bird. Over the years, as she grew older, it became obvious that she did not care as much about the birds. When she was a teen she left the house for a date, taking a piece of gum, but not using the wrapper for origami. Her mom was then crying later in the commercial because she knew her daughter was growing up not being as dependent on the parents so the father gave a bird to the mom to bring back happy memories. The commercial then goes on to the girl moving out and as her dad was loading up boxes, the box of origami birds fell out, bringing back so many happy memories
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