Pathos In Martin Luther King Speech

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How Martin Luther King Jr uses pathos in his speech
Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the speech I have a dream it’s about having freedom because back in the day they didn’t have a lot of freedom people judged by the color of their skin and he was trying to speak for many people of both ethnicities and religion. He wants everyone to have the same freedom and to be able to do things together and not have to different bathrooms, schools, water fountains etc. Martin Luther King Junior’s most persuasive appeal is pathos because he shows the audience his passion for wanting the best for everyone and the future of his people, he shows hope because he wants the future for everyone to improve and he shows confidence because he knows a lot about this topic and he has been in a lot of situations like this before.
One way Martin Luther King Jr. uses his emotions to persuade people to trust him is through his passion. Martin Luther King Jr shows passion because he believes everyone should have equal rights even though they may be of a different ethnicity, religion, etc. He cares about this topic
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Although not everyone agreed with him on the topic a lot of people did and they wanted everyone to be the same not everyone agreed with him because they didn’t think everyone should have the same rules because their ethnicity is different. Because everyone had a disagreement because they didn’t like what Martin Luther King Jr said so they decided to assassinate him because they didn’t want anything to change. He made a lot of people happy and proved to them that he was trustworthy because what he was saying was actually true and he might have actually done something if people were agreeing more. He used emotions to get people to understand what he is talking about and let people have a chance to trust what he is
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