Pathos In School Bullying

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January/23/2018 a 15-year-old went to school killing 2 students and injuring about 18 students. (????) Violence has been around for a long time, but it seems as though in the past decade many shootings have occurred, especially within the last year. One may ask what was the motivation for this student? According to, they say that they are not sure what the motivation was but they believe that the shooter was bullied at school. Although bullying has been an ongoing problem for many students, school shootings are something that has been a tragic result of bullying. Is bullying the root of evil today or is bullying something that toughens up your children? Pat Student explains bullying in schools, the results of bullying, and how bullying…show more content…
Explains Pat Student, not only does bullying occur on the playground but inside the school as well. For example, it may occur in a lunchroom or even in a classroom. This information applies to pathos because every reader has been in a classroom. With this information, the author is trying to show the reader that this can happen somewhere that is supposed to be a “safe” place. The writer uses ethos effectively through sharing studies on the percent of students that are bullied to the percent of students that miss school due to bullying. These statistics were retrieved from the Journal American Medical Association and the American Justice Department. These two resources help the reader understand that the author can support their claim through credible outside resources. This informs the reader that Past student’s claim is something that has been already studied and can be trusted. Knowing that bullying is a problem for not just a few students but many ones may ask the question when is something considered to be…show more content…
Past Student explains that behavior disorder is another effect of bullying through excellently using ethos and pathos. The author uses stories of students who went through these types of experiences. For example, Rachel who was bullied for being “ugly”. Rachel felt as though she had no one which led to loneliness. A long night of crying in her room and crying. Rachel explained that she understood the pain and the way those felt that would plot school shooting. Another example was Evan Ramsey who was also bullied. this lead to Ramsey to taking a weapon to school and opening fire. He ended up killing students and injuring classmates. Through this example, the authors are able to appeal to all of the “Big Three”. Emotionally the reader is shocked that this is something that is a result of bullying. Even if it is happening so often it is still a shocking result. The author made an appeal through logos through the Rachel and Ramsey. This is very convincing because sit is something that students go through on everyday bases and most do not realize this. It is also interesting to connect this to a reader life today. IT is normal for most schools to have a security system and lock on every floor in the building today. This is having been put in place to prevent intruders and shooters from entering schools. Today schools have to start thinking about how to prevent students from entering a school with a

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