Pathos, Pathos And Logos In The Achievement Habit By Bernard Roth

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In the book, The Achievement Habit, by Bernard Roth, chapter two reasons are bullshit, Roth gives multiple examples on the rhetorical triangle, pathos, ethos, and logos. Logos which is the logical appeal, ethos are the ethical appeal, and pathos which is the emotional appeal to the reader. In chapter two, reasons are bullshit the author talks about the reasons that people give are pointless. He also states that people should stop giving excuses. That any kind of excuse, besides being sick or a death in the family, should not be accepted. This book by Bernard Roth is intended for the audience of college students. I believe that chapter two is a very important chapter for college students. Most college students use excuses for a lot of things, even things that they don’t need them for. The definition of pathos is, a quality that evokes sadness or pity or both. In chapter two, reasons are bullshit., of the book The Achievement Habit, Roth states, " Sometimes people hide behind heart-wrenching reasons. It is important to understand that this doesn’t make them any more useful." In some ways that statement is true but in others it is very false. If someone has just lost a family member or friend, they might not want to go to school or work. They should not have to go to work or school if something major in their life just happened. But sometimes people can over-due an excuse. I understand some people take a longer time to recover from a Evans 2 death in the family or
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