Pathways Transition Program Personal Statement

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A little over two years ago, I started working as a Community Support Individual for Pathways Transition Programs LLC. My primary responsibility is to teach children various coping skills to manage their behavior, I have determined that I want to be able to address the emotions behind the behaviors. My desire is to be able to help the children I work with come to terms with their past histories so they can move on in their lives towards adoption and other positive outcomes. Sometimes, the children are still going through issues such as, on-going traumas, the lost of a parent due to death or incarceration, etc and I would like to develop the skill set to be able to address these issues. I see pursuing my degree through Argosy University as being the next step to take in order to develop a competency in counseling.…show more content…
In the short term, I would like to complete my classes and become an LAPC. I plan on continuing to work in mental health for either a private or public mental health agency and earning my LPC. I would like to continue to work with the current population that I am involved with which are families who are economically underserved . I am applying to this specific program because it has come highly recommended to me by multiple clinicians that I have worked with as a program that would appropriately prepare me for the work I want to do. There are a multitude of reasons why I am attracted to this program including the evening classes, that it focuses specifically on community counseling, and that it has come highly recommended. After reviewing the course catalog and seeing the types of classes offered, I believe this program will prepare me to reach my goals. I also have a lot to offer the program including coming from a diverse background, my personal experience, and my work
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