Patience In The Odyssey

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How far would you be willing to go just to be with your family? For Odysseus in the book “The Odyssey” by Homer, He did everything. Odysseus was away from his son Telemachus and his wife Penelope for 20 years, and he never threw in the towel. Odysseus never gave up, and neither did Telemachus or Penelope. Would you have the strength to persevere? Odysseus did. He is a hero because he used his endurance, patience, and his passion.
Odysseus has endured because when he falls he gets back up. “Battered and half-drowned as he is, he remembers to throw the veil back to Leucothea.” In spite of the fact that Odysseus is insubstantial, he perseveres and endures the pain to complete the task at hand. “Odysseus is thrown overboard and buried under a wall
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“My little grandson, he sit up there in the house all wrapped up, waiting by himself.” This quote compares to Odysseus’ patience because in “A Worn Path” the grandchild waits patiently for his grandmother to come back with his medicine. In “The Odyssey’ Odysseus patiently waits to be reconnected to his family. "No god am I," Odysseus assures him, "but your own father, returned after these twenty years." They fall into each other's arms.” Odysseus was compelled to wait 20 years to see his son, and he never complained which showed patience. Odysseus’ patience makes him a hero because without it he would’ve given up.
Odysseus has passion because day and night he worked towards the ones he loved.” Every day for the last seven years he's sat on the same rock gazing out to sea, weeping for home and Penelope.” For seven years, his compassion for home never deteriorated, and for 7 years he had the same amount of passion. “Antinous, ringleader of the suitors, is just lifting a drinking cup when Odysseus puts an arrow through his throat.” Odysseus killing the leader of the suitors was a passion crime. Odysseus passion makes him a hero because if he wasn’t fighting for something he wouldn’t be fighting at

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