Summary Of Lori Copeland's Patience

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Lori Copeland, the author of Patience takes the reader through a rugged journey during the boom of the gold rush era. In this novel, a stubborn young woman and a stubborn young man encounter hardships and triumphs, and together they find love in the simplest of things. When the couple finds themselves in the mountains of Colorado, they will go to great lengths to fit in with the rush of gold prospectors. They want to hit the motherload, but it seems as if only hard troubles come their way and set backs are only keeping their dreams that much further away.
Summary of Plot: Becoming a mail order bride is what brings Patience Smith to Denver City, however she is not the bride, yet. She was only trying on Lenore’s wedding dress for a few minutes,
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She will stay and mine for gold. Jay feels obliged to stay with her, so that is what he ends up doing. Soon, the three of them go through several hardships, but also fun times together. They struggle to find a crew to work the mine and there are several odd accidents that happen in the mine, that people claim to come from the ghost of Gamey O’Keefe.
Jay may have problems of his own, but Patience is trying to see through them to help Jay become the man she knows he can be. They become a family, but when Patience is pushed out of the mine, she leaves Jay behind and her and Wilson head back to Denver City, without any gold.
Title Significance:
The title of this book is Patience and I believe that the author chose this title because throughout this story, each character learns to be patient with each other. They learn how to work with each other and they also learn how to over come hardships and become a family along the way. Through patience and perseverance, they learn to love each other and that this biggest lesson in this book.
Setting and Genre: This book takes place in Denver City, the mountains of Colorado, and Fiddle Creek, a town that is booming thanks to the gold
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