Patient Advocacy Concept Analysis

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Empowerment is an additional concept related to advocacy. As patient advocates, nurses empower their patients to take control and take responsibility for their health and wellness. Advocacy describes the nurse-patient relationship primarily from the perspective of the nurse where as empowerment is described from the patient’s perspective (Falk Rafael, 1995). Empowerment supports patients by equipping them with the tools they need to create change, be responsible, and assertive. In contrast, advocacy is valuing the patient’s freedom and self-determination, promoting and protecting the patient’s rights, and interceding between the patient and others. Defining Attributes “Defining attributes of a concept is the heart of concept analysis” (Walker & Avant, 2011, p.162). Attributes that are associated with the concept allow additional insight into the concept. Three defining attributes were expressed throughout the literature review. The first was that of acting on behalf of the patient which implies the nurse represent patients who are unable to or those that feel they are unable to represent themselves. The second attribute is protecting patients which entails actions that promote the respect of the patients. Lastly, intervene in the provision of healthcare. This attribute regards nurses addressing inequalities in healthcare and services. These attributes parallel the attributes identified by Baldwin (2003) in a concept analysis discussing patient advocacy. Baldwin
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