Patient Advocacy In Nursing

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Definition of the Concept From the previous literature review and defining characteristics mentioned prior, patient advocacy is providing support and guidance of an individual in need. It is within the nurse’s best judgement to ensure safety and protection for the patient. By valuing the patient, the nurse will build a therapeutic trust relationship with the client which will secure the patient’s freedom and self-determination (Baldwin, 2003).
Model Case A 99-year-old male was admitted on a medical-surgical floor two weeks ago due to dementia. Due to his age, the patient’s health was rapidly declining. The physician explained to the client’s family about placing the patient on comfort measures only. After the medical residents notify the family about the order of CMO, the daughter had questions on the procedure of placing her father in comfort measures only.
When the nurse checks in with the
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The young girl is 12 years old. The nurse is assisting the doctor with the vital signs. When the mother steps out of the examination room, the physician asks the patient if she is sexually active. The girl states that she is, and the doctor discusses about safe sex. In addition, she explains to the patient about different forms of birth control. After discussion, the 12-year-old decides to try an oral contraceptive.
The doctor shares with the nurse that she is going to prescribe a generic oral contraceptive medication for the patient. The doctor also does not tell the mother about the prescription due to doctor-patient confidentiality. She hands the prescription to the nurse, and asks to give it to the patient. The nurse believes that the patient is too young to be on the pill and thinks that she should wait until she’s 18. Although the nurse disagrees with the doctor’s and the patient’s decision, she complies with their wishes.

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