Patient Assisted Suicide Case Study

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The patient is a 18 year old female who presented to the ED with suicidal thoughts with a plan to cut her throat. The patient reports homicidal ideations towards her mother. The patient denies symptoms of psychosis. The patient reports depressive symptoms as: isolation, tearfulness, irritability, anhedonia, worthlessness, and insomnia. The patient reports recent stressors as family relationships, school, and her relationship with her current boyfriend.

During the time of assessment the patient was found calm and 4x oriented. The patient reports recently feeling overwhelmed. The patient reports her college studies, trying to deal with family issues, and current relationship has cause her most distress. The patient reports that she told her mother yesterday that she was feeling suicidal. The patient states, "I started out of nowhere feeling like I want to commit suicide." The patient reports when her mother thought she was joking she started cutting herself. The patient has superficial cuts to her throat and legs. The patient reports that she became irritable when her mother did not believe her, so she told her mother that she better lock her door when she sleep because she was going to kill her. The patient reports she feels like she has poor impulse control because she does not feel any emotions until after she cuts or harm herself. Patient expresses that she is afraid of what she might do if she does not receive help with this problem. …show more content…

TACT consulted with Dr. Gentry and it was recommended to refer for inpatient hospitalization for safety and stabilization. TACT assisted the ED doctor in completing IVC paperwork. TACT will search for appropriate

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