Ethical Issues In Clinical Nursing

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This topic was very difficult for me to assess or even formulate a solid opinion on as it is a very deep and complicated case. Throughout nursing school, I have been taught that respect for patient autonomy is an important and indispensable principle in the ethical practice of clinical nursing. Legal tenets recognize the importance of this principle and the inherent right of patients of sound mind and properly informed, to make their own personal medical decisions. In the course of everyday medical practice, however, challenging cases may result in ethical dilemmas for the patient, the medical team, and the hospital. Resolution of these dilemmas requires a thorough understanding of the underlying principles that allow the clinician to make informed decisions and to offer considered therapeutic options to the patient. Some conditions that could propose challenging cases would be those of mental health. Either way, I don 't think there is an easy straightforward answer when it comes to such situations, as it puts a great amount of demand on the physician and care team regarding the correct measures to take- while ensuring patient autonomy, justice, veracity etc.
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Not only for my patients, but for myself. I have always been interested in psychology as my mother is a Psychiatrist, and I continue to get insight from her till today regarding patient care. As I felt stuck regarding this ethical dilemma, I asked her what her opinion was, and with her extensive clinical experience, she was able to formulate an answer quickly. She said it was "simple really" and that the patient should have been put on a hold, taking into consideration all factors. I guess the points to take home for me are an emphasis on preventive care, risk assessment, the importance of medication compliance and the importance of providing multi-dynamic care to my
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